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Full Body Massage

Massage and oils are selected to suit your mood and requirements to tackle muscular stress whilst the aromas enhance the treatment

Treat yourself to some well deserved pampering with a relaxing full body massage in a serene and peaceful environment. Using soothing massage oils, your therapist will tend to aching muscles, helping to dispel tension and toxins and leave you feeling fully refreshed and revitalised.

Who is it good for?
Massage has a range of physical and emotional benefits and is adapted to suit your own needs. It is therefore suitable for most clients except during pregnancy, where we would recommend one of our Mothers To Be Treatments.

What should I expect?
Our therapists are very professional and will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment. The therapist will run through a consultation with you and explain the treatment prior to leaving the room to allow you to undress and relax on the massage bed under towels. Your therapist will usually massage your back, neck, arms, legs, feet and head as part of this treatment, however the massage can concentrate on your areas of concern and omit areas that you are not comfortable with!

What are the benefits?
The benefits are extensive! And include alleviating any muscular pain, tension and stiffness. This in turn helps to improve the range of motion and increases circulation. Most clients find massage deeply relaxing and helps to overcome tension, headaches, stress and fatigue. Due to the increased blood circulation, massage also improves the texture and tone of the skin as well as stimulating the lymph flow and boosting the immune system.

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